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Meditation for Masochists

Meditation for Masochists

Overnight Retreat

February 11th, 2012

This erotic and spiritual happening is a celebration of life, connection and sensation. During the afternoon participants will engage in ritual practices that encourage our minds and bodies to delve further into our sacred bdsm practice and relationships with our dominants. We will focus on breathing excercises to aid in pain processing and extensive meditation and visualization practices that focus on recognizing, embracing and releasing of intense sensation. Join us in a sunset meditation that incorporates buttery leather floggers and the percussion of stingy single tails. Come together as we feed one another by a bonfire served by a bevy of dedicated service submissives. Be anointed with oils that encourage connection and strength. Celebrate in the depths of connection and submission as we howl & release our inner beasts at this Sacred SM Play Party under the stars. Rise in the morning for a Perverts and Pancakes breakfast and closing ceremony.

Located at a beautifully majestic and private cabin in Tahoe (just 3 hour drive from SF). This serene haven includes 5 bedrooms, wifi, stocked kitchen, and a hot tub. Directions and address distributed upon purchase of tickets. Car pool pick ups will be available in both SF and East Bay for this experience.

$250 per couple (additional $50 if you would like your own bed room instead of accomodations in a shared living room space of the cabin. Private rooms are limited and on a first come first serve basis) - individual tickets are available for $200

Includes all classes, meditations, Sacred SM play party, cabin accommodations and food. (Please inform us of any food allergies or dietary restrictions upon registration so that we can best accommodate everyone's needs)

Meditation for Masochists - Options

Saturday, November 14, 2009


SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - November 21st, 2009 - 8PM. Last August Femina Potens hosted a sold-out evening of erotic debauchery featuring amazing bondage artists such as James Mogul and Midori and even a delicious burlesque performance by celebrity Margaret Cho. On November 21st Femina Potens will open its doors at 7:30pm and roll out the red carpet for an exclusive group of perverted voyeurs and exhibitionists, for the kinky, curious, and the converted. By attending this kinky soiree you will not only be giving in to your deviant fantasies but also helping to sustain kinky culture in our community.

This August's Art of Restraint will feature rope artists JD of Two Knotty Boys, Madame Butterfly, Fivestar, Lochai award winning erotic photographer and kinky educator and performer, and dominant queen of the castle, Maitresse Madeline. Award winning suspension model and Indie Porn Pioneer of the year, Madison Young, as seen on MTV, HBO, Independent Film Channel and Curve Magazine.  Christina Horn, Charlotte Vale, Lila Kat, and Alix Izen will be your dedicated service submissives, constantly pleasing us with sweet treats by Edible Love Chocolates, sparkling beverages and boot blacking. Live drawings by Suzanne Forbes, the ultimate kinky voyeur.   Through rope bondage and erotic performance the performers will be manifesting erotic gratitude for our boutiful.  Our performers will utilize rope, metal, flesh, and other articles of choice that play with the archiving of our lineage.

Step inside and experience rope cinching tight into eager flesh as bodies struggle and dance in the air in an erotic ballet of dominance and submission. Be present as we explore together “Service: Exhibiting Gratitude”. In a time of the year when we give thanks for abundance, health and harvest, let us also give thanks with well mannered protocol. Taking pride in the way "Yes Ma'am" and "Yes Sir" make their way carefully from between our eager lips. Some of the most skilled rope artists and bondage experts in the country have gathered in this closed gallery setting to meld art and bondage to intertwine submission and empowerment in a dynamic exchange between two people and an audience starving for connection.   Doors will be locked at 8pm sharp, placing you in the center of a hot avant-garde bondage scene.  Welcome to the fourth edition of Art of Restraint.

Lights out at 11pm sharp...unless you are fortunate enough to be a Femina Potens Member.  Members of Femina Potens will be invited to stay for the sexy after hours with the artists and models.  Come be a part of what the SF Gate called "The Most Happening Art Space in San Francisco" and the SF Guardian calls "The Best XXX XX in the Castro".
'Art of Restraint' Erotic Rope Bondage Art Salon 
Femina Potens Art Gallery 
2199 Market St @ Sanchez 
November 21, 2009 @ 8:00 - 11:00 pm 
Doors open at 7:30pm 
Doors locked at 8:00pm sharp -  no ins and outs 
$75 per ticket 
$50 for Members - Sign up to become a member today!  
For more information please visit
This event will sell out.  Advanced online ticket purchase is highly recommended through Brown Paper Ticketing:
 Madame Butterfly has been playing with string for decades, starting as a fiber artist she discovered that tying up people was much easier then tying up a loom. She spins and sells her own silk and bamboo bondage ropes.
Madison Young, your kinky girl next door, is making waves in feminism one orgasm at a time with her award winning queer production company Madison Young Productions ( and her award winning nationally recognized art gallery and performance space Femina Potens (  Femina Potens is a sex positive art gallery and performance space dedicated to women and transgendered artists.  Madison the world with her sex positive performances, workshops, panels, art work and readings from her upcoming memoir "The Tail of a Bondage Model".  Madison 's writings have been published in On Our Backs and Girlfriends Magazine and can also be found in the anthology "Baby Remember My Name".   Madison has been featured on MTV's LOGO channel program Out and About, the documentary Lesbian Sex and Sexuality Porn Today: Pushing the Limits, and was featured in Brian Alexander's recent book release "America Unzipped".   
Fivestar is a video/performance artist and rope bondage rigger.  She is fond of leather, clothespins and bruises.  When she's not helping produce porn at the Armory she likes to sing while riding her bike.  Check her out online at 
JD is member of the internationally renowned bondage duo Two Knotty Boys. He is the producer of over 100 rope bondage instructional videos and the coauthor of two popular rope bondage guidebooks, "Two Knotty Boys Showing You the Ropes" (2006) and "Two KnottyBoys Back on the Ropes" (2009). Aside from his work as an educator and promoter ofof the human form, safety and esthetics. sensual rope bondage he is an artist, using rope as his paint and the human form as his canvas.  Unrestrained by tradition or protocol, his rope art utilizes Asian, European and American knots, in addition to rigging techniques based upon the physics  
Although he's been part of the public kink scene for thirteen years, Lochai has been exploring kink and fetish since he was a six year old riding the school bus when he tied up his first "girlfriend". Since those humble beginnings, Lochai has built up an impressive resume not only as an award winning photographer, but also as a renowned bondage rigger, educator, and stalwart of the greater BDSM CommUNITY. It's no surprise that in August of 2008, he was picked by, one of the most respected companies in the adult entertainment industry, to spearhead their flagship site, Lochai's iconic photo, "Beach Bound," had the distinction of being judged "The World's Most Erotic Photograph" by Erotic Signature. "Beach Bound" also has the distinction to be in the permanent collection of The Leather Archives in Chicago as well as in the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami. His work has been published in such publications as British Journal of Photography, World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today Vol. I & II, Secret, Skin Two, Bizarre, Prometheus, Cherry, A Magazine, Fetish Anthology, and Extreme Anthology as well as his own fine art photography books. He brings the same flair and energy to his rope work, whether he's performing or teaching erotic rope, photography and bdsm lifestyle classes at any number of national kink events. As an educator and organizer, Lochai is fiercely dedicated to his CommUNITY. He helps monitor and organize online communication platforms such as the, which he created, and freely shares his skills and knowledge to rope enthusiasts and photographers of all experience levels and from all walks of life. You can view his photography at 
Always a literalist, Tina Horn has taken the act of making a name for herself to absurd lengths. As a porn performer and practitioner of professional BDSM for over two years, she goes by Christina Mabry Horn, and you can call her Tina if you're lucky. Vast legions of bike punks and DIY rockers know her by a monosyllabic moniker referencing her resemblance to a 14-year-old English schoolboy. As for what they call her when she's at home, only her attorney knows for sure. Horn earned her BA in modern literature from UCSC and King's College London which may go some way towards explaining the Marxist-feminist-paraliterary critical theory slant, and also the body hair. Among her accomplishments are writing for Mcsweeney's the Believer, penning, publishing, and distributing her nominal sex worker memoir zine, releasing her former band's 7inch on her own label, booking three punk tours, and getting DP'd alongside a who's-who cast and crew of erotic artists and activists in her very first porno, Layover. Her double life as a social worker and volunteer for a variety of non-profits and art galleries keeps her honest. She is a show business impresario, an urban cowboy cyclist, a part-time hippie, a loud fast and loose drummer, and a face-melting wah rhythmn guitarist. A hopeless rambler, Horn currently sets up shop in the San Francisco East Bay and cannot begin to tell you how badly she could use a spanking right about now. 

Femina Potens is a nationally recognized art gallery and performance space dedicated to the advancement of women and transgendered artists since 2001. 
Sponsored by the Queer Cultural Center with support from California Arts Council, San Francisco Arts Commission, the Zellerbach Foundation and Grants for the Arts.  Femina Potens is a leading queer organization in San Francisco, and has been featured on the LOGO channel, Q-Television, Bitch, Bust, Spread, Brian Alexander's book "America Unzipped", the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and the San Francisco Chronicle where Violet Blue called Femina Potens, "the most happening art space in the city; a revolution in art and sex."

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I just saw this clip from the Colbert Report and I had to post it. I think this is an amazing form of subversive action in which we can incorporate into our daily life as both a form of activism and art. Speaking of which... I'm currently collecting Daily Acts of Revolution - tips and actions - in which we can do in our daily live to make a difference in the world. Please post of send me your list at

Click Here for the clip

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Call for Submissions

Femina Potens Art Gallery is currently taking submissions for our 2009 Visual Arts Exhibition season. We are looking for art works in all mediums: painting, photography, mixed media, sculpture, performance artists, video artists, installation and new media. Please fill out an online artists' application (at and submit a proposal for art works. Include an introductory letter of interest, artist resume, bio, artist's statement, and 10 images on CD and printed for review by our curatorial staff. All submitted art works will be considered for group shows. In our 2009 season we plan to explore the following thematic shows; if your work doesn't fit into one of these shows please still submit works, as these are only suggestions.

Ritual - Art work on the subject of Tattoos, Body Modification, Scarification, Piercing

Green Living - Art work around inner peace, animal rights, veganism, environmentalism, yoga, meditation

Welcome to the Big Top - Ariel performance, contortion, and circus themed art works

Lube me up - An exploration of women, bikes and leather culture

Pop Pop Fizz Fizz - Classic pop art and pop surrealism

Femina Potens is also looking for works that relate to the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health of the queer community as well as site specific installation artists that can create works for a commission around such subject matter.

Submission deadline is September 1st, 2008. Please send proposals (make sure that all materials are included in proposal) to: Femina Potens Visual Art Submissions, Tina Butcher, 1305 Franklin #600, Oakland CA 94612.

Thank you,
Tina Butcher

Monday, August 11, 2008

Join the FP team no matter where you live

Hello All,
My art gallery - Femina Potens- is looking for new volunteers. Some of these positions can be handled from outside of the gallery so if you are not in San Francisco but wish you could help to fuel the queer feminist sex positive you can. Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested and skilled in volunteering. Femina Potens is doing a lot of growing right now and can use all of your help. Below is a list of positions we are currently staffing. Please respond to with interest,availability, if you are in town or available to work from home. All positions that are available to do from home are stared.

Marketing Assistant – is responsible for absorbing what ever he/she can from the marketing coordinator. Collecting contacts for the coordinator, taking care of viral marketing, updating email list, creating surveys for audience and web visitors, email blasts, posting video clips. Assisting with whatever needs the marketing coordinator has. The Marketing Assistance goal is to learn all the necessary skills needed in order to take the position of Marketing Coordinator in 6 months. For reference - arketing Coordinator is responsible for all press releases regarding upcoming events, visual art events, performance events etc. Also responsible for design of fliers for events, updating the web site and calendar with events, updating the email list, sending out email blasts, myspace bulletins, face book notes, sending messages to yahoo groups, coordinating with video editors regarding promotional clips, posting video clips on you tube, myspace, and our web site, building press kits for online and printed press kits. Overseeing advertisements for the Guardian. Sending promotional items and press releases to artists. Working on larger feature stories in magazines. Overseeing and sharing information with the Marketing Assistant

FP Edge Assistant -
FP Edge Assistant responsibilities include doing research on new artists for FP Edge representation program, gathering images from potential artists for review, gathering images for artists for venues to review, obtaining artists label information, overseeing the entry of all art work inventory for insurance purposes, Putting together information packets for venues and artists, updating FP Edge data base with artist contacts, assisting with installation of art exhibits, assisting with scheduling follow up meetings with artists, sending thank you notes to artists and venues.

**Volunteer Coordinator –
Volunteer Coordinator responsibilities include overseeing all volunteers. Creating a weekly schedule and sending it out to the list. Reviewing and contacting new volunteers. Recruiting new volunteers. Creating relationships between FP and different colleges and universities in SF in regards to interns. Talking with volunteers about their needs so they are placed in the right position. Finding volunteers for upcoming events and gallery rentals. Posting volunteer positions on craigslist and volunteer match services.

****Web Maintenance -
Femina Potens web maintenance volunteer responsibilities include input of all new DIY store and Art Store items into our php based web site, along with input of all images from rotating exhibits. Making sure all press is current and uploaded, all upcoming events are added to the calendar.

**Video Tech and Editor –
Femina Potens is looking for a video editor to create short video clips from our performances and art shows to post on YouTube, Myspace and on our web site. We are also looking for a video tech to oversee implementation of a web cam in the gallery and live feeds of events at the gallery.

**Development and Fundraising –
Femina Potens is looking for someone to handle development and fundraising. This volunteer position would involve developing relationships with sponsors, developing funding materials to hand out to potential sponsors, seeking sponsorship for individual art shows at FP. Overseeing fundraising projects.

Art Sales Persons –
Friendly out going persons needed to greet customers and help them with purchasing art and/or zines/etc, help them with any art work they may be looking at,help them to make a final decision on pieces, start a conversation with customers. Create an atmosphere in which people will want to buy art. Make sure there are fresh flowers that art is displayed not hidden, Make sure there is music on in the gallery.

DIY Store and Art Store Manager-
Working on DIY Store inventory, bringing in new products for the DIY Store and Art Store, working on promotional ideas for the DIY Store/Art Store. Researching new products for the store, reviewing products for our online blog, looking into Google, Adsense and Myspace advertising for our online art store. Working on increasing traffic to our online web store.

**Gallery Rental Assistant

Physical Space Manager

**Visual Arts Coordinator

**Devolopment and Fundraising Assistant

**DIY Store and Art Store Assistant

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Drawn Bad; Kinky Art Salon

Today at the gallery we had an event called the Kinky Art Salon in which artists and models come together in a shabby chick bohemian den with pillows and draping fabric, candles, sangria, fresh fruit and dark chocolate. We rotated through 3 models(Raina Degre,Francesca - our fab volunteer, and moi. The event was 4 hours long and it was a blast. We had photographers, painters, pen/paper, charcoal and a cute couple on a first date. What a great place for a first date? Oh the craziest thing was that the girl on the date went to grade school with Francesca in San Diego. What a small arty world we live in? Creation was cultivating for hours and hours while Billie Holiday sang from our cheap little boom box. So now I'm exhausted. Depleted. But I will wake up tomorrow morning, head to the gallery and then scurry off to the Masturbatathon which I do hope you will either be watching from your computers or at the event. I'll be one of the featured performers along with Nina Hartley. You can check it out here It is a benefit for the Center for Sex and Culture. I will be taking monday off to regroup.
Madison Young

Friday, May 23, 2008

We've got some really exciting events scheduled for the beginning of June, with some awesome people coming in to speak. Hopefully you guys will be able to make it out for some of them.

On Friday, June 6th at 8pm, we're hosting a sexy film screening and panel. We'll be showing some of the hottest queer films and porn titles on the market. After that, (almost) all of the cool San Francisco queer porn people will be speaking on a panel guessed it: "Making Your Own Porn." The presenters include Shine Louise Houston of Pink and White Productions, Dana Dearmond (director for Vivid Alt), Julie Simone (director for Abigail Productions and Julie Simone Productions), Trouble Royale (No Fauxxx), Trannywood Pictures, Madison Young (director for Madison Bound Prouductions) and Morty Diamond (director of "Trannyfags" and "Trans Entities)." Phew! THEN, we're having an open screening where you can bring your own hot erotic films and DIY porn. We'll be serving vegan cookies and wine, so it should be an all-around awesome evening. Space is limited, so buy tickets now, online here. Admission is $10.

On Saturday, June 14th, we've got two events centered around the new book Live Through This: On Creativity and Self-Destruction by Sabrina Chapadjiev. The first is a writing workshop with the author. Sabrina will lead people through the themes in the book and talk about why she felt a need for the book to be published- touching on the myths of women and madness, and starting to lead people in creating visual and written work based on their own struggles. The workshop starts at 3pm and admission is $10-$15 on a sliding scale.

The second is the June edition of SIZZLE, the monthly Bay Area award winning literary series. SIZZLE heats up the Castro on the second Saturday of every month with noted queer and erotic authors, spoken word artists and performers as well as an open mic for all who dare to make their voice heard. This month, cutting-edge artists featured in Live Through This will explore their use of art to survive madness, abuse, incest, depression, and the impulse toward self-destruction manifested in eating disorders, cutting, addiction, and contemplation of suicide. We've got some really cool people on the panel including Daphne Gottlieb, Carol Queen, Cristy Road, and Inga Muscio. The event starts at 8, but doors open at 7:30. If you want to speak at the open mic, come early and sign up. Admission is $10-$15 on a sliding scale for audience and $5 for open mic performers.

Femina Potens is located at 2199 Market St @ Sanchez, San Francisco 94114 in real life, and online at Email us at