Saturday, November 14, 2009


SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - November 21st, 2009 - 8PM. Last August Femina Potens hosted a sold-out evening of erotic debauchery featuring amazing bondage artists such as James Mogul and Midori and even a delicious burlesque performance by celebrity Margaret Cho. On November 21st Femina Potens will open its doors at 7:30pm and roll out the red carpet for an exclusive group of perverted voyeurs and exhibitionists, for the kinky, curious, and the converted. By attending this kinky soiree you will not only be giving in to your deviant fantasies but also helping to sustain kinky culture in our community.

This August's Art of Restraint will feature rope artists JD of Two Knotty Boys, Madame Butterfly, Fivestar, Lochai award winning erotic photographer and kinky educator and performer, and dominant queen of the castle, Maitresse Madeline. Award winning suspension model and Indie Porn Pioneer of the year, Madison Young, as seen on MTV, HBO, Independent Film Channel and Curve Magazine.  Christina Horn, Charlotte Vale, Lila Kat, and Alix Izen will be your dedicated service submissives, constantly pleasing us with sweet treats by Edible Love Chocolates, sparkling beverages and boot blacking. Live drawings by Suzanne Forbes, the ultimate kinky voyeur.   Through rope bondage and erotic performance the performers will be manifesting erotic gratitude for our boutiful.  Our performers will utilize rope, metal, flesh, and other articles of choice that play with the archiving of our lineage.

Step inside and experience rope cinching tight into eager flesh as bodies struggle and dance in the air in an erotic ballet of dominance and submission. Be present as we explore together “Service: Exhibiting Gratitude”. In a time of the year when we give thanks for abundance, health and harvest, let us also give thanks with well mannered protocol. Taking pride in the way "Yes Ma'am" and "Yes Sir" make their way carefully from between our eager lips. Some of the most skilled rope artists and bondage experts in the country have gathered in this closed gallery setting to meld art and bondage to intertwine submission and empowerment in a dynamic exchange between two people and an audience starving for connection.   Doors will be locked at 8pm sharp, placing you in the center of a hot avant-garde bondage scene.  Welcome to the fourth edition of Art of Restraint.

Lights out at 11pm sharp...unless you are fortunate enough to be a Femina Potens Member.  Members of Femina Potens will be invited to stay for the sexy after hours with the artists and models.  Come be a part of what the SF Gate called "The Most Happening Art Space in San Francisco" and the SF Guardian calls "The Best XXX XX in the Castro".
'Art of Restraint' Erotic Rope Bondage Art Salon 
Femina Potens Art Gallery 
2199 Market St @ Sanchez 
November 21, 2009 @ 8:00 - 11:00 pm 
Doors open at 7:30pm 
Doors locked at 8:00pm sharp -  no ins and outs 
$75 per ticket 
$50 for Members - Sign up to become a member today!  
For more information please visit
This event will sell out.  Advanced online ticket purchase is highly recommended through Brown Paper Ticketing:
 Madame Butterfly has been playing with string for decades, starting as a fiber artist she discovered that tying up people was much easier then tying up a loom. She spins and sells her own silk and bamboo bondage ropes.
Madison Young, your kinky girl next door, is making waves in feminism one orgasm at a time with her award winning queer production company Madison Young Productions ( and her award winning nationally recognized art gallery and performance space Femina Potens (  Femina Potens is a sex positive art gallery and performance space dedicated to women and transgendered artists.  Madison the world with her sex positive performances, workshops, panels, art work and readings from her upcoming memoir "The Tail of a Bondage Model".  Madison 's writings have been published in On Our Backs and Girlfriends Magazine and can also be found in the anthology "Baby Remember My Name".   Madison has been featured on MTV's LOGO channel program Out and About, the documentary Lesbian Sex and Sexuality Porn Today: Pushing the Limits, and was featured in Brian Alexander's recent book release "America Unzipped".   
Fivestar is a video/performance artist and rope bondage rigger.  She is fond of leather, clothespins and bruises.  When she's not helping produce porn at the Armory she likes to sing while riding her bike.  Check her out online at 
JD is member of the internationally renowned bondage duo Two Knotty Boys. He is the producer of over 100 rope bondage instructional videos and the coauthor of two popular rope bondage guidebooks, "Two Knotty Boys Showing You the Ropes" (2006) and "Two KnottyBoys Back on the Ropes" (2009). Aside from his work as an educator and promoter ofof the human form, safety and esthetics. sensual rope bondage he is an artist, using rope as his paint and the human form as his canvas.  Unrestrained by tradition or protocol, his rope art utilizes Asian, European and American knots, in addition to rigging techniques based upon the physics  
Although he's been part of the public kink scene for thirteen years, Lochai has been exploring kink and fetish since he was a six year old riding the school bus when he tied up his first "girlfriend". Since those humble beginnings, Lochai has built up an impressive resume not only as an award winning photographer, but also as a renowned bondage rigger, educator, and stalwart of the greater BDSM CommUNITY. It's no surprise that in August of 2008, he was picked by, one of the most respected companies in the adult entertainment industry, to spearhead their flagship site, Lochai's iconic photo, "Beach Bound," had the distinction of being judged "The World's Most Erotic Photograph" by Erotic Signature. "Beach Bound" also has the distinction to be in the permanent collection of The Leather Archives in Chicago as well as in the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami. His work has been published in such publications as British Journal of Photography, World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today Vol. I & II, Secret, Skin Two, Bizarre, Prometheus, Cherry, A Magazine, Fetish Anthology, and Extreme Anthology as well as his own fine art photography books. He brings the same flair and energy to his rope work, whether he's performing or teaching erotic rope, photography and bdsm lifestyle classes at any number of national kink events. As an educator and organizer, Lochai is fiercely dedicated to his CommUNITY. He helps monitor and organize online communication platforms such as the, which he created, and freely shares his skills and knowledge to rope enthusiasts and photographers of all experience levels and from all walks of life. You can view his photography at 
Always a literalist, Tina Horn has taken the act of making a name for herself to absurd lengths. As a porn performer and practitioner of professional BDSM for over two years, she goes by Christina Mabry Horn, and you can call her Tina if you're lucky. Vast legions of bike punks and DIY rockers know her by a monosyllabic moniker referencing her resemblance to a 14-year-old English schoolboy. As for what they call her when she's at home, only her attorney knows for sure. Horn earned her BA in modern literature from UCSC and King's College London which may go some way towards explaining the Marxist-feminist-paraliterary critical theory slant, and also the body hair. Among her accomplishments are writing for Mcsweeney's the Believer, penning, publishing, and distributing her nominal sex worker memoir zine, releasing her former band's 7inch on her own label, booking three punk tours, and getting DP'd alongside a who's-who cast and crew of erotic artists and activists in her very first porno, Layover. Her double life as a social worker and volunteer for a variety of non-profits and art galleries keeps her honest. She is a show business impresario, an urban cowboy cyclist, a part-time hippie, a loud fast and loose drummer, and a face-melting wah rhythmn guitarist. A hopeless rambler, Horn currently sets up shop in the San Francisco East Bay and cannot begin to tell you how badly she could use a spanking right about now. 

Femina Potens is a nationally recognized art gallery and performance space dedicated to the advancement of women and transgendered artists since 2001. 
Sponsored by the Queer Cultural Center with support from California Arts Council, San Francisco Arts Commission, the Zellerbach Foundation and Grants for the Arts.  Femina Potens is a leading queer organization in San Francisco, and has been featured on the LOGO channel, Q-Television, Bitch, Bust, Spread, Brian Alexander's book "America Unzipped", the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and the San Francisco Chronicle where Violet Blue called Femina Potens, "the most happening art space in the city; a revolution in art and sex."