Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lets Get Physical Day number 2

Today was a total success. We totally made a physical difference at the gallery and all thanks to our amazing volunteers. SOMARTS was awesome enough to donate around 30 or so chairs to the gallery which we really appreciate. We were in desperate need of more seating for our events. But the chairs that were donated had fabric bolted onto the plastic chairs and the chairs had been sitting out side so they were in need of a little lovin' Today we gave those chairs so serious love. We removed all fabric,scrubbed down the chairs, used a rust a way solvent on their legs and removed the bolts from the seats so they don't poke anyone in the arse. Our chairs weren't the only things in need of love. Our gallery basement was a disaster and we hadn't had the chance to work on it. So today we organized, swept, got rid of massive junk, and set up our inventory for our diy store. I'm pretty exhausted.

Our volunteers were amazing today. Francesca, our fundraising guru, showed up to help out along with three new younger volunteers from Marin - Melissa,Kyle, and Lauren. They were a big help. Later in the afternoon we got a pleasant visit from the fabulous Raina Bird and Melinda Adams. Raina apparently has a fetish for cleaning which came in handy as we attempted to get the basement to glisten and as we all know basements are very stubborn about glistening. We will be working away on the gallery again tomorrow so if you feel like dropping by to get physical, come on by t o 2199 Market anytime btwn noon - 6pm.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

If you play...they will come

The end of another beautiful night here at Femina Potens. Earlier today the gallery was a flurry of activity. Lex and Lexi were in the gallery working away. I got the office in the back finally set up and our donated desktops have been connected to the web which will allow our volunteers more computers to work on. While Lexi and I were busy being handy Lex worked on promotions and press releases.

Eddie from Fresh Meat came in to take photos of the show Changing Landscapes (deinstall starts tomorrow). Then the wonderful group that is doing a theater piece in April came in to plot out the installation of their massive performance art tent which they are creating to do their performance in.

Later Boston based musician Julie Lloyd came by to set up and to perform for a very intimate but very affected crowd of Femina Potens patrons. Julie asked the audience members what they were going through in their life right now and then would play a song that related to the topic. It was really great to see her interacting with her audience and listening to them and talking to them. One young man who is about to go off to college in the new england area asked her what kind of support there was for queers in such a conservative area of the country. He mentioned he was transitioning from ftm this year and wanted to know if she thought he would be ok. It was really sweet to see him asking her and reaching out and was great to see her reach back out and be able to provide him with answers, I mean that is what community is about right?

We sold several of Cristy Road's post cards and 2 posters today. One of a young girl holding a dove close to her body while she is surrounded by a city of chaos and destruction.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Coming together

I'm a happy art slut. Things at the gallery went really well today. We sold a couple prints including a really cool print from Cristy Road where the girl is on a bathroom floor in a puddle of blood which is dripping down her legs, she is grabbing her breasts and screaming out into the night "Fuck off and Die". Hot. Now that is a great piece of bathroom art. We also sold one of Laurenn Mccubbin's beautiful prints. Our amazing volunteer Sandra has almost all of our art store available online so you too can buy these awesome prints even if you are not in SF. We also had a wondeful new handy girl start at the gallery, Lyndsay. We can never have enough handy girls :) All I can say is this girl is a wiz with Ikea assemblage. We now have a brand new glass desk and really cool coushiony bench that matches the ribbons on the curtains and an assortment of containers and orgazinational supplies for our new office in the back of the gallery - which I spent all day putting together. The gallery is really coming together and looks really beautiful We will soon be adding flower boxes which I'm very excited about. I love to be surrounded by plants. Which is exactly what I'm doing this holiday weekend. Femina Potens will be closed this friday - sunday for Bunny day and I'll be hopping off to Santa Cruz to decompress. Hippity Hoppity.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Online store

Woohoo! Yesterday I spent all day at the gallery working on the web site. Now you can donate online, buy a VIP membership that alots you free entrance to all FP events for the year and 10% off all art work and you can buy gift certificates online as well as buy art work. More art work will be added this week. Go check it out at

One of our new volunteers Lara came by this morning. She is going to help us get the gallery in tip top shape so you will be seeing alot of new improvements at the gallery very soon.

Oh also something else new on the site is on our store section you can now buy advance tickets for our April events. Go check it out.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Lets get Physical!

Femina Potens is doing some handy gal and handy guy work at the gallery on Saturday the 29th of March. There will be free vegan pizza and pbr for everyone who comes and picks up a hammer or helps to put together ikea furniture. There is a lot of work to accomplish and the more people we can gather the better. So head on down to FP at 2199 Market on saturday march 29th.

Also I'm so completely excited we just found out we will be screening Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the oh so amazing Parkway Theater
There is nothing like a cult movie classic at the Parkway, sit back on the couch,drink beer and eat pizza. Join us there and help to raise funds for women and trans artists.

Today we had a little rain here at the gallery. But the sun finally poked its head out. We have a new volunteer who has joined us at FP - Alexa - and we have been working on fixing up the 30 chairs that SOMARTS donated to us.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Prints in the Gallery!

We have some amazing new Laurenn Mccubbin( prints that just came into the gallery along with some amazing Cristy Road( posters. I'm so excited about all of this great new work that we have available in our art store. We also have some Nicky Mclure posters coming in this week which I'm totally psyched about.

We are still hunting for a some more volunteers so if any one in the bay area is interested please drop by our web site at and fill out our volunteer application. Skills we are definetly interested in are volunteer coordination,handy guys and gals, it and web assistants, and bookeeping.

Its a beautiful day here in SF. The door to the gallery is open bringing in a nice breeze and a steady flow of people to gaze at the art work. Our current exhibit " Changing Landscapes" has some beautiful pieces on Japanese paper by Jackadandy that seem to have a calm gentle way of living and breathing on their own that is catalyst by the the gentlist wind coming in from the San Francisco streets.

I've been working today on coordinating our May and June shows. We have such a great line up for the next couple of months so keep your eyes open and check out for details.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Welcome to the blog

Hello all ,

And welcome to Femina Potens official blog. Femina Potens interns and volunteers will be posting here about all the happenings at the gallery. So please join in discussion and check us out at
Tina Butcher
Femina Potens

Some cool stuff going on at the gallery that you should check out:
Madison Young is featured on the cover of $pread Magazine this month, interviewed about art and porn. So check that out. $pread Magazine is available at your local sex positve retail store or at