Thursday, March 20, 2008

Coming together

I'm a happy art slut. Things at the gallery went really well today. We sold a couple prints including a really cool print from Cristy Road where the girl is on a bathroom floor in a puddle of blood which is dripping down her legs, she is grabbing her breasts and screaming out into the night "Fuck off and Die". Hot. Now that is a great piece of bathroom art. We also sold one of Laurenn Mccubbin's beautiful prints. Our amazing volunteer Sandra has almost all of our art store available online so you too can buy these awesome prints even if you are not in SF. We also had a wondeful new handy girl start at the gallery, Lyndsay. We can never have enough handy girls :) All I can say is this girl is a wiz with Ikea assemblage. We now have a brand new glass desk and really cool coushiony bench that matches the ribbons on the curtains and an assortment of containers and orgazinational supplies for our new office in the back of the gallery - which I spent all day putting together. The gallery is really coming together and looks really beautiful We will soon be adding flower boxes which I'm very excited about. I love to be surrounded by plants. Which is exactly what I'm doing this holiday weekend. Femina Potens will be closed this friday - sunday for Bunny day and I'll be hopping off to Santa Cruz to decompress. Hippity Hoppity.

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