Thursday, March 27, 2008

If you play...they will come

The end of another beautiful night here at Femina Potens. Earlier today the gallery was a flurry of activity. Lex and Lexi were in the gallery working away. I got the office in the back finally set up and our donated desktops have been connected to the web which will allow our volunteers more computers to work on. While Lexi and I were busy being handy Lex worked on promotions and press releases.

Eddie from Fresh Meat came in to take photos of the show Changing Landscapes (deinstall starts tomorrow). Then the wonderful group that is doing a theater piece in April came in to plot out the installation of their massive performance art tent which they are creating to do their performance in.

Later Boston based musician Julie Lloyd came by to set up and to perform for a very intimate but very affected crowd of Femina Potens patrons. Julie asked the audience members what they were going through in their life right now and then would play a song that related to the topic. It was really great to see her interacting with her audience and listening to them and talking to them. One young man who is about to go off to college in the new england area asked her what kind of support there was for queers in such a conservative area of the country. He mentioned he was transitioning from ftm this year and wanted to know if she thought he would be ok. It was really sweet to see him asking her and reaching out and was great to see her reach back out and be able to provide him with answers, I mean that is what community is about right?

We sold several of Cristy Road's post cards and 2 posters today. One of a young girl holding a dove close to her body while she is surrounded by a city of chaos and destruction.

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