Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lets Get Physical Day number 2

Today was a total success. We totally made a physical difference at the gallery and all thanks to our amazing volunteers. SOMARTS was awesome enough to donate around 30 or so chairs to the gallery which we really appreciate. We were in desperate need of more seating for our events. But the chairs that were donated had fabric bolted onto the plastic chairs and the chairs had been sitting out side so they were in need of a little lovin' Today we gave those chairs so serious love. We removed all fabric,scrubbed down the chairs, used a rust a way solvent on their legs and removed the bolts from the seats so they don't poke anyone in the arse. Our chairs weren't the only things in need of love. Our gallery basement was a disaster and we hadn't had the chance to work on it. So today we organized, swept, got rid of massive junk, and set up our inventory for our diy store. I'm pretty exhausted.

Our volunteers were amazing today. Francesca, our fundraising guru, showed up to help out along with three new younger volunteers from Marin - Melissa,Kyle, and Lauren. They were a big help. Later in the afternoon we got a pleasant visit from the fabulous Raina Bird and Melinda Adams. Raina apparently has a fetish for cleaning which came in handy as we attempted to get the basement to glisten and as we all know basements are very stubborn about glistening. We will be working away on the gallery again tomorrow so if you feel like dropping by to get physical, come on by t o 2199 Market anytime btwn noon - 6pm.

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