Sunday, May 4, 2008

You could cut the tension with a knife...or a hacksaw

Last nights opening for " I touch Myself" was brilliant. Femina Potens was packed full of artists and art lovers enjoying an evening of incredible art and performance. Ellen Staggs photography is captivating a stunning capturing luscious women in the throws of self love as well as several photographs from her series "Jerking Off" of hot men in mid ejaculation and coming for the camera. The men's faces are cut off so we only see their bodies and hands stroking their cocks. This gives the viewer that feeling that they are the subject cumming in full force and it also objectifies the male subject with is so often the viewer and on the other side of the camera objectifying women. Cristy Roads powerful illustrations of her journey to an orgasm hung proudly on the wall while Suzanne Shifflet's lush sensous paintings give us a graphic peek into self pleasure. Chrystal Powell's window installations combined safer sex materials., text,melted lip stick, 3d sculptures of hands and cocks for a powerful explosion of emotional and physical intimacy. And twincest... the crowd was on pins and needles while the collaborative couple screened slides below a suspended rack of beef. The couple performed in an open bathroom, dressed in button up white shirts,breasts peeking out, wearing tighty whities and red unicorn horns on there head. One of the performers sat on the toilet while the others body spooned gently betwen their legs. We wittness a cello like erotic performance as a hacksaw bows the other performers cunt until blood is seen through the underwear. With each motion of the saw the "cello" moves into their lover. We are wittnessing and exchange of power and erotic energy set to the soundscape of "God Speed You Black Emporer". Yes.. If you didn't come last night you missed out on a hell of a show. Our fabulous volunteer Lexi came to the gallery bearing gifts of delicious bakery goods for the reception which were consumed at a record breaking speed. FP Volunteers are the best. We couldn't do this with out all of you.
- Madison

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