Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dating and Thinking and Thinking of Dating

Our fundraising speed dating event is coming up tomorrow and it promises to be popular so get your tickets in advance online at Brown Paper Tickets (an awesome fair-trade ticket service).

Remember when times were simpler? Remember when it was easy for girl to meet girl and fall in love? Remember when you had time for love, before your three jobs took over your life? Well, now you have time for Queer Speed Dating!

Queer Speed Dating is a fun and quirky night for single and poly women, femmes, dykes, bois, grrls and transmen to hang out and meet one another. We are breaking the ice for you, providing a safe space for queers to interact and expand our community, while also promoting the accessibility and mission of Femina Potens. Whether you are looking for a new friend or something more, Queer Speed Dating is the place to be for socializing, sangria and sexy snacks.

April 17, 8:00 pm $15, 18 and over.

If you hit it off with someone, consider planning a date at Femina Potens on the weekend. Saturday we're hosting a thinkPhilosophy Salon that poses a hot question: "What do the rich owe the poor?" Dr. Rita Alfonso leads these "rigorous intellectual workouts" for your brain, this Saturday on a topic that's fitting at tax time. Here's some info from Reason Magazine to get you started. The event description:

What Do The Rich Owe the Poor? Knee pads? Education? Charity? Jobs? Sympathy? Food? Entertainment? Pillows and blankets? Social Security? Housing? Thanks? Or, perhaps nothing at all? As we consider this question together, we’ll look at different rationale – from utilitarianism and communism to “trickle down” economic theories. So come join our community of truth seekers, explore your beliefs about wealth and worth, and test your ideas about social and economic justice against a room full of experience.

Appropriately, tickets are Pay What You Want. Doors open at 7:30 and thoughts will start to fly back and forth at 8:00.

Maybe the rich and the poor alike don't owe us anything, but we encourage everyone to buy more art!


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Absolutely buy more art! Art feeds the souls of everyone.