Sunday, April 13, 2008

Join FP Edge

In order to bring more exposure to both queer and erotic artists and the queer, feminist, wellness and sex positive communities they operate within, the Femina Potens Gallery recently formed FP Edge. FP Edge is an artists network that represents artists and connects them with art spaces throughout the bay area. These diverse spaces include businesses, community centers and other galleries that Femina Potens has established relationships with after six years in San Francisco.

Once an artist has joined FP Edge, their work and information will be promoted to potential venues and showcased on the Femina Potens website. FP Edge also offers consultation services, which assist members in developing a portfolio and other submission materials. After an exhibit has been contracted, FP Edge handles all marketing, installation and logistical issues for a small per-show fee - this system ensures that artists do not pay anything until they are guaranteed a venue space. Artists more concerned with selling or displaying work online may also join, and pay a one-time membership fee after selling their first piece.

If you would like to join or for more information, please contact us at All artists interested in representation should send a short bio, 3-5 work samples or a URL link. Thank you for your commitment to increasing community exposure to queer and erotic themed work!

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